2017 Schedule

Some items are still being finalized, so please check back. Times and locations are subject to change.

Friday, September 29

Union A / Fairfield / Clark / Delaware rooms Franklin C/D
9:00AM Ohio LinuxFest Institute
Training for Professional Registrants
Early Penguins Track
Monitoring Java Application Performance Using Thermostat
Scott Seighman
10:00AM Early Penguins Track
Making Linux and Open Source First Class on the Mainframe
John Mertic
11:00AM Early Penguins Track
Old Dogs & New Tricks: What’s New With Perl5 This Century
John Anderson
12:00PM Break
1:00PM Ohio LinuxFest Institute
Training for Professional Registrants
Early Penguins Track
Command Line Tools
Clif Flynt
2:00PM Early Penguins Track
Building Sustainable FOSS Communities
Mike Dolan
3:00PM Early Penguins Track
Linux IoT Botnet Wars and the Lack of Basic Security Hardening
Eystein Stenberg
4:10PM Keynote
The Battle Over Our Technology
Karen Sandler

Happy Hour in the Expo starts at 5:10PM in Union B/C/D/E. All registrants are welcome to join us!

Birds of a Feather Sessions will take place between 6:00 and 9:00PM in the Fairfield, Clark, Franklin C/D, and Delaware rooms. All registrants are welcome to participate. If you’re interested in organizing one about a particular subject, please let us know at the registration desk.

Dinner with the Keynotes starts at 7:00PM in Union A. Tickets available for $75 at check-in while they last.

Saturday, September 30

Our Vendor Expo is open from 8:00AM to 6:00PM in Union B/C/D/E

Linux Professional Institute Onsite Testing is available in Clark starting at 1PM.

Franklin A Franklin B Franklin C Franklin D Union A Delaware C/D
9:00AM Keynote
Who Cares if the Code is Free? User Experience & Open Source
Máirín Duffy
10:00AM Desktop Track
Lumina Rising: Challenging Desktop Orthodoxy
Ken Moore
Security Track
VoIP Security Basics
Kent Adams
Career Track
Cleaning Up Toxic Teams and Dissolving Dysfunction
Aladin Gohar
Get Your Feet Wet in Open Source Workshop
10:15AM SysAdmin Track
A Short Tutorial on a Revision Control System for Sysadmins
Robert Threet
/dev/random Track
Should You Run a Mail Server, and How?
Wesley Swett
11:00AM Desktop Track
Plain Text Accounting With the ledger Ecosystem
Colin Dean
Security Track
Building a Malware Analysis Lab With Open Source Software
Steve McMaster, Tom Kopchak, Ted Waddell
SysAdmin Track
A Little Artificial Intelligence Help With Syslog
Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes, Trevor Watkins
/dev/random Track
Building Training Environments
Alex Juarez
Career Track
The ‘Onwards’ & ‘Upwards’ of Careers in Open Source – A Panel Discussion
Warner Moore, Cassandra Faris, Jason Green, Chad White
12:00PM Break
1:00PM Media Track
Lessons Learned Video Casting With Linux and OBS Studio
David Carver, Parker Gibson
Security Track
Secure Cloud: Linode With Full Disk Encryption
Roberto C. Sánchez
SysAdmin Track
PostgreSQL + Kafka: the Delight of Change Data Capture
Jeff Klukas
/dev/random Track
My Summer Science Project Powered by Raspberry Pi
Terry Howald
Career Track
Essential Non Technical Skills
Nikola Novakovic
Get Your Feet Wet in Open Source Workshop
2:00PM Media Track
Terminal Photography
Simón Ruiz
Security Track
Protecting Public Websites With Apache and Linux Containers
Patrick Tudor
Development Track
How to Build a CD Pipeline for Your Systems
Garrett Honeycutt
/dev/random Track
What’s New in FreeNAS 11
Dru Lavigne
Career Track
So What Is It Like to Work at Red Hat Anyways?
Steve Ovens
3:00PM Open Source Solutions Stage
Linux POWER!Siraz Lall and Wes Kennedy  Nutanix
Security Track
Top 10 Easy Cybersecurity Wins for Linux Environments
Michael Contino
Development Track
JSON Web Tokens Will Improve Your Life
John Anderson
/dev/random Track
KubeVirt, Virtual Machine Management Using Kubernetes
Stu Gott
Career Track
Helping Your Manager Be a Better Leader for You
Christopher H. Laco
4:00PM Open Source Solutions Stage
Multi Data Center PostgreSQL service discovery with Consul
Adam Stevens, CoverMyMeds
Security Track
Securing the Cloud at Rest: Network Bound Disk Encryption
Jim Wildman
Development Track
OpenWrt for Embedded Development
Mike Jones
/dev/random Track
Working in the Open
Jason Plum, GitLab
Career Track
How the Open Source Movement, Digital Prototyping, and Crowd Funding Is Democratizing Opportunity
Alex Bandar
5:00PM Open Source Solutions Stage
FOSS at Oracle? Really?
David Gilpin, Oracle
Security Track
Getting Hit by an 18-wheeler: Privacy & Anonymity in the Modern Age
Cody Hofstetter
Career Track
New Jobs in AI Economy
Rafeeq Rehman
5:15PM Lightning Talks
6:00PM Keynote
A Brief History of an Open Source Company
Tarus Balog

After Party for all attendees starts at 7:00PM in the Delaware ballroom!