Schedule 2016

A downloadable version of the schedule is available in HTML and PDF formats.

Note: Times and locations are subject to change.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Union rooms Franklin A Franklin B/C/D Delaware D
9:00AM Ohio LinuxFest Institute Morning Session

Training for Professional Registrants

Early Penguins Track
Real World Integration with CFEngine
Martin Gehrke
10:00AM Early Penguins Track
What’s Happening with OpenNMS
Jeff Gehlbach
11:00AM Early Penguins Track
A Brief Introduction to GNU screen
Bob Murphy
12:00PM Break
1:00PM Ohio LinuxFest Institute Afternoon Session

Training for Professional Registrants

Early Penguins Track
Devs are from Mars, Ops are from Venus
Rob Kinyon
2:00PM Early Penguins Track
I Don’t Git It
Mathew Robinson
3:00PM Early Penguins Track
Introducing ZFS
Michael W Lucas
4:10PM Keynote
Hacking Bureaucracy with 18F
Catherine Devlin
5:10PM Happy Hour in the Expo sponsored by Oracle

All registrants are welcome to join us!

6:00PM Birds of a Feather Sessions

All registrants are welcome to participate

7:00PM Birds of a Feather Sessions


Dinner with the Keynotes

Tickets available for $75 at check-in while they last

8:00PM Birds of a Feather Sessions



Saturday, October 8, 2016

Union A Union B Union C Union D Union E Franklin A Franklin B/C/D Delaware C/D
9:00AM Keynote
Becoming the Next Tech Entrepreneur
Ethan Galstad
Open Source Solutions Stage
10:00AM  (15 minute break in Union A-C) Community Track
Doc Like an Egyptian
Dru Lavigne
SysAdmin Track
“It was the best of logs, it was the worst of logs”
Tom Kopchak
The Biggest Baddest Linux Server Ever
Montgomery Bauman, IBM
Vendor Expo
10:15AM Career Track
Better DevOps through Communication
Aleksey Tsalolikhin
Virtualization / Cloud Track
Mixed Metaphors: Using Hiera with Foreman
Robert Foreman
/dev/random Track
Forth, FORTRAN, Pascal, and Ada: FLOSS Keeps Good Things Going
Mat Kovach
11:00AM Career Track
Avoiding Death-By-Powerpoint – Creating Effective Presentations
Todd Engen
Virtualization / Cloud Track
A Tour of OpenStack Deployment Scenarios
Elizabeth K. Joseph
Scaling Track
Ultra Scale File Distribution @ Facebook
Cooper Lees
Community Track
Improving Computer Science Education with FOSS-style Projects
Roberto C. Sánchez
SysAdmin Track
The Gurubox Project: Open Source Troubleshooting Tools
Wes Morgan
People, Passwords and Process
Alex Juarez, Rackspace
12:00PM Break
1:00PM Career Track
Open Source Innovator Career Options – Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur
Kevin Dwinnell
Virtualization / Cloud Track Automated, Scalable, Resilient and Powered by Linux
Steven Harms
Scaling Track
Modern Elastic Datacenter Architecture
Weston Bassler, Justin Miller
Community Track
You Don’t Need to Be a Developer to Contribute
Nathan Handler
SysAdmin Track
Process and Job Control in Linux
Ben Roose
Jesse Owens, A Look Under the Hood of Ohio Supercomputer Center’s Newest Linux Cluster
David Griggs, Dell
Vendor Expo
2:00PM Career Track
How Open Source, Digital Prototyping, and Crowdfunding are Democratizing Opportunity
Alex Bandar
Virtualization / Cloud Track
oVirt/KVM: Wrestling with the Virtualization Gorilla
Jim Wildman
Scaling Track
MySQL Replication Basics for Linux Admins
David Stokes
Community Track
Why OSS at Microsoft
Brian Sherwin
SysAdmin Track
It’s Dangerous to Go Alone – Exploring /proc with Friends
Alex Juarez
Automating Monitoring with Puppet and Shinken
Ryan Saunders, Cover My Meds
3:00PM Career Track
Situational Leadership – Leading When You’re Not the Boss
David Crone
Virtualization / Cloud Track
Juju: Your Cloud in a Couple Taps (or Clicks!)
Jose Antonio Rey
Scaling Track
Linux HA – No Laughing Matter!
Don Vosburg
Security Track
Password Best Practices and the LastPass Hack
Kevin O’Brien
SysAdmin Track
Roll Your Own Email Server (Mostly at Home)
Michael “Ike” Eichorn
Improve Linux Management Efficiency with Hot-Patching Solutions (Ksplice) from Oracle
Jay Colton and Singh Khanna, Oracle
4:00PM Career Track
Building Your Personal Brand for Career Development
Cassandra Faris, Aladin Gohar
/dev/random Track
I Believe That Pi’s Are The Future
Stephen McLaughlin
Scaling Track
Building a Billion User Load Balancer
Patrick Shuff
Security Track
Offensive Security and Countermeasures Using Kali Linux
Anthony Bemus
SysAdmin Track
SysAdm: Simplifying FreeBSD Administration
Ken Moore
Pair Networks Introduces ComputerReach: Bringing Linux to the Masses
Dave Sevick and Tyler Lamb, ComputerReach
5:00PM (15 minute break in Union A-C) /dev/random Track
Nagios Core as a Robotics Platform and Nagios Core Distributed Checks
Trevor McDonald, Bryan Heden
SysAdmin Track
Maximizing Server Storage Performance
Scott Grimes
Web-scale Infrastructure: How open source has enabled Nutanix to “Google-ize” thousands of datacenters
Shiraz Lall, Nutanix
5:15PM Lightning Talks
6:00PM Keynote
The Democratization of Invention
Joe and Lily Born
8:00PM After Party sponsored by Nagios