Birds of a Feather

The 2018 Ohio LinuxFest will be holding Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions between 6:00 and 9:00pm on Friday, October 12.

A BoF session is typically more interactive than a regular presentation; it is an opportunity for a group of people with a common interest to get together. Past session topics have included text editors, Google Summer of Code projects, configuration management systems, running Linux user groups, and GPG keysigning parties.

Available rooms will have a projector and screen and a capacity of about 30 people. While sessions are an hour long, please plan to wrap up 5 to 10 minutes early so the next group can come in and get settled.

Pre-applications have closed, but don’t give up—day-of signups will be possible on Friday, October 12 at the registration area.

Current sessions that are scheduled include:

Chromebooks in EducationTanner Johnston
The presentation will focus on my school district’s transition from using Macbook Airs at the middle and high school level to using Chromebooks and the changes that teachers and students had to make in order to adapt. The presentation will then lead into an open forum where those in attendance can discuss how Chromebooks or Linux in general are used in their specific use cases.

Code Generator, Code Making CodeBrad Chesney
I have a personal sub project that already cranks out the SQL to build a database that more or less mirrors an initial build object. Next is building back end OOP objects that talk with the database and provide data to the API endpoints. Since we have that initial build object, why wouldn’t we flesh out the REST code in the endpoints. The initial build object describes each piece of data in our CRUD app—we can even extend it to making rudimentary front end forms.

Enough has already been built to demo the database part. I will likely also have the OOP objects finished.

DIY Digital Making with the Raspberry PiDarrell Little
Introduction to Digital Making with the popular Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer compatible with multiple Linux distributions. Includes demonstration of several projects built with a Raspberry Pi – robots, sensors, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Game Development on LinuxTerry Howald
I’ve recently become interested in game development on Linux, and have projects I’d like to discuss and show in an informal setting. I’m hoping others might have projects they’d like to share as well. I’ll start the session by showing my game development work. Then I’ll open the floor to anyone who might want to do the same. Additional topics to be covered include development tools used on Linux, target platforms, and 2D and 3D game programming.

Home-brew ComputersPatrick Rainbolt
What does it take to build your own home-brew computer hardware? What do the Clock, Registers, Stack, Interrupt, ALU, RAM, Program counter, BUS, and Control Logic modules do? What are the differences between the original 8-bit design and more modern CPU designs? Once built, what would it take to install a version of Linux on your hardware?

PuppetSteven Pritchard
Let’s talk about Puppet plus automation and configuration management in general.

Pyramid CDC – SmartNet – Hack-a-thonLinda Nelson
Join us to explore all Open Source products to develop an IT hub in Linden and its surrounding communities in Central Ohio, to increase Digital Literacy, build new technologies to overcome poverty and eliminate technology barriers.

VimSteven Pritchard
Vim (the text editor) is awesome. Discuss.

Yinzer Penguins UniteBeth Lynn Eicher
This is a gathering of folks who either live in Pittsburgh, used to live in Pittsburgh, or wish that they had. Topics for discussion:

  • Western PA Linux User Group, as it stands today and ideas for reboot
  • The status of Free Software actives in the Golden Triangle
  • Reunion of friends and reminiscence

If you have any questions, please contact BoF organizer Vance Kochenderfer at