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Greetings from the Rackspace Cloud!

February 23, 2014schultmc

Due to the extremely generous sponsorship of Rackspace, we're able to greatly expand the infrastructure used to bring you Ohio LinuxFest, the Midwest's largest Open Source conference!

Getting started with the Rackspace cloud couldn't have been easier. I signed OLF up for a Rackspace Cloud account, notified our Rackspace contact of our account information and started spinning up new hosts with ease.  In keeping with our Midwest roots, I selected Rackspace's Chicago Data Center, but we can host servers in any of the United States or Asia Pacific data centers throughout the world.

Our previous online presence has previously been limited to a single virtual machine but thanks to Rackspace, we can spin up as many machines as we need and separate out our infrastructure rather than run everything on a single machine.

Tremendous thanks to Rackspace for providing the infrastructure we need to continue making Ohio LinuxFest one of the best LinuxFests in the country!