Free and Open Software Conference and Expo - Columbus, Ohio - October 2-3, 2015

Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Track
3D Printing and Linux
Tom Callaway

3D Printing is here, and you can do it on Linux. Come learn how to turn a spool of plastic into anything that you can dream up, and how open source is leading the way (both in software and in...

Beginner /dev/random
Anatomy of an Attack
Dru Streicher

Sick of those slick Hollywood hacker movies? Want to see what a real attack looks like? The aim of this talk is to simulate an attack on a Linux server. We will examine the attack from both sides...

Beginner Security
Bringing Linux to the Masses
Dave Sevick

Bringing Linux to the Masses 1. Cloud computing takes the apps and platform religion out of the equation. 2. Economy of Linux running on older computers in unparalleled. 3. Great software...

Beginner Community
But Can You Make an App Out of It?
Roland Hess

Building nice mobile apps doesn't have to require advanced Java or Objective-C skills. You won't be writing a 3D Llama simulation with it, but the Apache-licensed Cordova framework...

Beginner Development
De-Google-ify Your Life: Why You Should and How You Can
Michael Eichorn

Every day most people use software and services that appear to be "Free" but are they? What if you are uncomfortable, you need to get your work done, what are your options? This talk is...

Intermediate Security
Defense in Depth - Your Security Castle
Tom Kopchak

Enterprises face a wide range of threats across their information infrastructure. In order to protect critical systems and information, a comprehensive security approach is necessary. A single...

Intermediate Security
Demystifying systemd
Scott Seighman

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 brings a modern approach to many elements of the Linux operating system. One of the most significant of these updates is the adoption of systemd, which gives admins and...

Intermediate Early Penguins
Detecting, Characterizing, and Circumventing Network Traffic Restrictions
David Steele

There are many reasons why an Internet connection may not work up to capacity. This talk presents several techniques to detect and characterize network restrictions and identify potential network...

Intermediate Networking
Encryption Basics
Kevin O'Brien

In the post-Snowden world we have all become aware of the importance of encryption, but how many of us actually know how it works? In this presentation we will look briefly at the history of...

Beginner Security
External authentication and access control for Web applications
Dmitri Pal

When applications get deployed in enterprise environment or in large organizations, they need to support user accounts and groups that are managed externally, in existing directory services like...

Intermediate Web
From Development to Production with Ansible and Vagrant
Michael Downey

This talk will be on using Ansible and Vagrant to test deployment of new services, configurations, and complete systems. Ansible is a system automation tool that allows you to easily develop and...

Beginner Virtualization / Containers
Full Stack Automation with Katello & Foreman
Weston Bassler, Justin Miller

Full Stack Automation with Katello & Foreman – One System to Rule Them All

Managing a Linux infrastructure can be a complex and challenging task, requiring building...

Intermediate Virtualization / Containers
Give Me a REST!
Amanda Folson

More devices than ever are connected to the Internet these days, and the need and consumption of APIs is growing fast. We'll talk about what an API is (and what it's not), why you might...

Intermediate Early Penguins
How Git Changed My Life (as a Software Engineer) and How It Can Change Yours!
Roberto Sanchez

I was first introduced to the idea of version control with CVS as a college student and quickly became a fan of the CVS/Subversion centralized model.  However, I eventually found the CVS/...

Intermediate Development
How to Painlessly Discover What You Don't Know - Before It Bites You Where It Hurts
Alan Robertson

The statistics on system management are alarming - 30% of all break-ins come through systems people have lost track of, 90% of all organizations have failures of services they aren't monitoring,...

Intermediate Networking
ISLET: An Attempt to Improve Linux-based Software Training
Jon Schipp

ISLET (Isolated, Scalable, & Lightweight Environment for Training) is software that streamlines Linux based software training for IT events. It minimizes the participation barrier to that of...

Intermediate Virtualization / Containers
It's OK to Talk to Strangers
Cassandra Faris

Tired of job boards and recruiter spam? There’s a better way to manage your career growth. Networking is something that doesn’t come naturally to many people, but it’s a tool...

Beginner Career Track
Jekyll Introduction
Jonathon Klem

This talk will discuss getting up-and-running with Jekyll, how to make posts, edit themes, and automatically deploy your websites with git hooks.

Beginner Early Penguins
Kubernetes: Orchestrating a Sea of Containers
Kel Cecil

Containers are everywhere these days. Many of us are containerizing our applications to take advantage of the ease of a single artifact, but what can we do to make deploying these containers to a...

Intermediate Virtualization / Containers
Lies, Damned Lies and Open Source Statistics
Jim Johnston, Darla Wise

We were recently tasked with teaching a mathematical software course centered around statistical analysis software for our math education majors.  Given our students are based in rural...

Beginner /dev/random