Friday, November 1, 2019

Union rooms, Grant, GarfieldFranklin A/B
Early Penguins
8:30AM Ohio LinuxFest Institute
Training for Professional Registrants
9:00AM The Linux PKI System Parts
Jeffrey Gilbert
10:00AM Practical Software Freedom with GNU Guix
Jack Hill
11:00AM Zeek and Ye Shall Find: Introduction to Zeek, An Open Source Network Monitoring Project
Amber Graner
12:00PM Break
1:00PM Ohio LinuxFest Institute
Training for Professional Registrants
They don't make 'em like they used to: Integrating Junior Developers into your team
Robin Clower
2:00PM FreeCAD for Newbies (cuz I'm one too)
Terry Howald
3:00PM Open Source Digital Forensics
C. Matthew Curtin
4:00PM Demystifying Machine Learning
Nikola Novakovic
5:00PM Keynote
Open Source in the Motion Picture Industry
John Mertic

Happy Hour in the Expo starts at 6:00PM in Franklin C/D. All registrants are welcome to join us!

Birds of a Feather Sessions are open to all registrants. If you're interested in organizing one about a particular subject, please let us know at the registration desk.

Franklin A/BUnion AUnion BUnion CUnion DUnion E
6:00PM Fedora Community
Ben Cotton
Steven Pritchard
Raspberry Pi Project Showcase
Terry Howald
FPGA RISC-V Zephyr / Linux
Zak Kohler
7:00PM Let's Finish This
Jon 'maddog' Hall
Steven Pritchard
Terry Howald
8:00PM #getoffmylawn
Steven Pritchard

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Our Vendor Expo and Coffee Cafe is open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM in Franklin C/D.

Linux Professional Institute Onsite Testing is available for those who have pre-registered in Union E at 9:00AM to noon and 1:30 to 4:30PM.

Franklin AFranklin BUnion AUnion BUnion C
Career Track
9:00AM Keynote
How Will You Steer Your Open Source Career?
Rikki Endsley
10:00AM Blockchain 101
Nathan Handler
Sextech: The Good, The Bad, The Bias
Alison Falk
IBM and Red Hat: Build Once. Deploy Anywhere.
Elisabeth Stahl
10:15AM Power your directory with Samba
Don Vosburg
Web of Things: IoT for the People
Robert Blackwell
11:00AM Infrastructure as Code w/ Terraform
Greg Greenlee
Linux graphics software, so many choices.
Gary Grady
SUDO Make Me a Sandwich
Emil Davis
Delta Ansible: Keeping up With Changes and Deprecations
Andrew Cziryak
Red Hat Open Shift on IBM Power Systems
Jim Smith
12:00PM Break
1:00PM Modern Puppet
Steven Pritchard
YerFace! From Computer Vision to Cartoon Animation
Alex Markley
Physical Security: An Overview from Deadbolts to Deathtraps
Cody Hofstetter
Slow MySQL database session analysis
Rolf Martin-Hoster
Building Communities: Breaking Down Barriers by Providing Free Education
Kevin Mack
2:00PM Duolingo's Microservice Journey
Max Blaze
Introduction to CoreDNS
Scott Merrill
Red Hat Security Toolbox
Jim Wildman
An introduction to the Windows Subsystem for Linux
Rehgan Avon
Trust – Can we build it? Yes we can!
Kyle Jenkins
3:00PM Getting started with Infrastructure as Code
Tim Quinlan
Create a HA-NFS server using Gluster, Corosync, and Pacemaker
David Gilpin
Personal Online Security, Privacy, and Password Management
Gathering Insights from Audio Data
Ryan Bales
Lessons Learned from a Side Career in Management
Steven Pritchard
4:00PM Advanced Site Reliability Engineering (SRE): Networking
Patrick Shuff
Holistic System Automation with Ansible
Tim Quinlan
Two Factor Authentication Everywhere
Cornelius Kölbel
Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: a Hands-On Introduction
Faris and Afnan Rehman
Without Fear: You Don't Need Permission to Contribute to Your Own Destiny
Amber Graner
5:00PM The Commodification of You
Nathan Handler
Lightning Talks Beyond Zero Trust
John Aron
More Artificial Intelligence help with journald and journalctl
Cameron Hughes
Success through Failure: An Intro to Product Management
Derek DeHart
6:00PM Keynote
50 years of *x, Why is it important and where do we go from here?
Jon 'maddog' Hall

LinodeAfter Party for all attendees sponsored by Linode starts at 7:00PM in the Peppercorn room!